What is ActiveTrail?

ActiveTrail is a low-cost but feature-rich marketing automation platform that allows you to create and manage sales and newsletter email campaigns to expand the reach and conversion rate of your business, whatever its size.

One of the key selling points of ActiveTrail is the steps they have taken to ensure that their software is easy to use. You don’t need to be a marketing expert or software engineer to make this tool work for your business. The inclusion of a range of professionally designed template emails and landing pages takes the headache out of how to market your company. Simply customize the templates using your own branding and products and you are ready to go in minutes. A built-in image editing tool even allows you to touch up your images before they are sent. The landing pages can be linked to your own web domain and you can be confident that any emails you send will look as good on a mobile device as on a computer screen.

The simplicity of putting together a marketing campaign belies the sophistication of what the software does under the hood. Exclusive AI can predict what time of day it is most effective to send emails to each individual recipient on your contact list, and automatically schedule delivery for the optimal time. A/B testing can improve the click-through rate of your campaigns and automated personalisation of your communications can assist in increasing customer engagement. List segmentation enables you to target a selected section of your mailing list with a message that is aimed specifically at that group, whilst another feature lets you send a communication on a contact’s birthday or anniversary. Going beyond email, ActiveTrail offer an optional SMS service so that your campaigns can be backed up with text messages, and easy-to-create surveys that allow you to get to know your customers’ preferences. Another useful feature is the inclusion of real time analytics and an app that enables you to view how your marketing strategy is performing wherever you are.

Integration with other software is an increasingly important part of a platform’s usability and ActiveTrail does not disappoint in this regard. Connect a popular ecommerce solution such as Magento or PrestaShop and you can build your relationship with your customers, sending them offers for items similar to past purchases, invitations to revisit abandoned shopping carts and reminders to come back to the store if they haven’t visited in a while. Integration with SalesForce helps you to further manage your customer relationships, whilst you can connect your Facebook ads to generate automatic response emails when someone shows an interest in your content. If your company, like many others, has a WordPress-based website, it is a simple task to add a Contact 7 form that will add subscribers directly to your mailing list. Linking with Zapier opens up many further options for integration, and if that isn’t enough, ActiveTrail offers an API so that it can be connected to your proprietary website or software.

What popular features do you get with ActiveTrail?

  • Landing pages creator
  • Templates for email marketing
  • Can connect to online store
  • Send SMS messages to customers

  • Create online surveys
  • Mobile application
  • Real time data and analytics
  • Low starting price point

  • Integration with popular business software
  • Email automation with predictive delivery

Customer Support is available at ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail’s customer support team can be contacted between 9am and 6pm via phone, online chat and email. Frequently asked questions and self-service guides are available in a Learning Center on the ActiveTrail website. Subscribing to the Premium plan will give you a dedicated account manager, priority support and the option for training when you need it.


What kind of business is ActiveTrail ideal for?

The low starting price for the Basic plan makes ActiveTrail a good option for a business just starting out in email marketing. As your business grows, the service can scale up, in line with your needs. This flexibility means it is also a good fit for any SME looking to expand their marketing operation. ActiveTrail is the trusted email platform for household names such as Avis and Visa.

Pros and Cons

  • SMS messaging is available as an optional add-on to your account enabling you to expand your marketing strategy.
  • ActiveTrail’s landing page creator is simple to use without the need to learn coding. It features professional templates and a drag and drop interface.
  • Automated emails enable you to configure a marketing plan to respond to the needs and preferences of your customers.
  • ActiveTrail offers integration with social media, ecommerce, CRM and more so that your marketing strategy can be fully joined up.
  • Simple to create surveys help you to respond to the needs of your customers, and can be added to your email automation.

  • Although the pricing for lower numbers of contacts is easy to see, at higher volumes you must call to obtain a quote.
  • Some user reviews voice complaints that the customer service team can be slow in responding to issues.

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How much does ActiveTrail cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

Three plans are offered: Basic, Plus and Premium. The monthly cost for each plan is based on a sliding scale depending on the number of subscribers you have. A 15% discount is available if you pay for a year up front. A 30 day free trial is available.

Example pricing levels:

Up to 500 contacts

Basic – $9 per month, 1 user. Includes landing pages, automation and unlimited emails.
Plus – $14 per month, up to 10 users. Adds closer integration with social and ecommerce software.
Premium – $351 per month, unlimited users. Adds dedicated account manager and priority support.

Up to 20000 contacts

Basic – $119 per month
Plus – $179 per month
Premium – $552 per month

Adding SMS to your package costs from $41 for 500 texts.

Final thoughts...

If you are struggling with email marketing, or want an easy way to get started, ActiveTrail offers a straightforward, user-friendly way of managing your email campaigns. Beyond that, powerful features grant the opportunity to improve and refine your marketing, and pick up on opportunities your business might otherwise miss. With a low price entry point and easy scalability, ActiveTrail is worth a look for a company of any size.

To find out more and sign up for a free trial, visit their website.