What is Bill.com?

Bill.com is a computer-based invoicing software that handles your financial flow while collaborating with banks and accountancy firms. Presented as a Software as a Service (SaaS), it is intended to serve as a mechanism for banks, accounting companies, and enterprises to dictate and control cash flow. Also, accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Intacct, and NetSuite are compatible with Bill.com.

Bill.com helps you process and pay your bills within a short time while also offering you multiple ways of receiving payments from others. Its simple billing software allows you to browse and sift through bills, cheques, and other supporting papers, allowing you to make and receive payments quickly, smoothly, and reliably. Bill.com allows you to join a network of over 2.5 million individuals who exchange money online. Bill.com is an online invoicing software that automates the accounts payable and receivable processes. It works perfectly with Xero accounting software, making bill payments and approvals faster and easier. The tool serves as a central repository for all bills and invoices for companies of all sizes.

Bill.com’s Android and iOS apps allow you to approve and pay invoices on the move. Its mobile application is fantastic for getting real-time information about outstanding bills because it provides notifications and an easy-to-access dashboard.

The mission of this company is to create effective payment systems for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. Bill.com is one of the best invoicing software for small businesses. It has all modern tools that help businesses perform seamless transactions. This provides an excellent avenue to launch your business into the era of electronic payment processing. Not only will you rest assured knowing fully well that a personalized payment support system is yours to work with, but your business will also become more efficient.

What popular features do you get with Bill.com?

  • Passcode authentication
  • Multiple organization options
  • Complete audit trail
  • Payment adjustment and flexibility
  • Payment history overview

  • Credit Card and ACH processing Options
  • Compounded benefits
  • Professional Invoice creation
  • Contact Management
  • >Vendor Management

  • Send bills for approval
  • Automatic bill codification
  • Automatic bill and invoice capture from email

Customer Support is available at Bill.com

Bill.com has a fair customer support service. Users can contact live support Monday through Friday, from 5a.m to 6p.m Pacific time. Customers cannot contact them directly because they do not have phone numbers. Nonetheless, users can utilize the enquiry form if they don’t want to use the live chat or the Help Center. For immediate support, you can check the Help Center to search for answers to all your complaints. If you still cannot find answers to your complaint, then you can patiently wait till you get a response form their online support representatives.


What kind of business is Bill.com ideal for?

Because of its exceptional A/P (Account Payables) capabilities at an affordable price, Bill.com is rated one of the best invoicing software for small businesses. This software is recommended for firms that want A/P (Account Payables) support and automation. It works well in conjunction with your accounting software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Bill.com is particularly ideal for:

Accounting businesses in need of invoicing and billing assistance: Bill.com is the best invoicing software for businesses in need of billing and invoicing assistance. The Accountant Partner Program may assist accounting firms in streamlining their accounts payable (A/P) and accounts receivable (A/R) operations through automatic data capture and synchronization with accounting systems. Accounting companies can also leverage their subscriptions to provide customers with discounted Account Payables (A/P) and Account Receivables (A/R) services.

QuickBooks Online and Xero Users: Bill.com features two-way connectivity with major accounting software such as QuickBooks Online and Xero, making it easier for businesses to record invoices and bill payments without manually entering transactions.

Businesses with a high volume of Account Payables (A/P) and Account Receivables (A/R) transactions: If you process a large number of invoices and bills, Bill.com can assist you in automating and simplifying the process. You may spend less time entering data while enhancing your invoices and bills approval and evaluation processes.

Pros and Cons

  • Small enterprises can benefit from affordable pricing.
  • Can pick between invoicing, billing, or both subscription levels
  • Integrates with key accounting and ERP software.
  • Easier communication with vendors and consumers that use Bill.com as well.
  • Multiple money transmitter licences in all 50 states for increased payment security.
  • Its features keep improving as the company keeps implementing on user feedback.

  • It is not a complete accounting software, but you can integrate third-party accounting tools like QuickBooks and Xero into it.
  • It might be prohibitively expensive for enterprises with a large number of enrolled users since you may have to pay per user.
  • Limited invoice tracking if the payer does not have a Bill.com account unless you set up a two-way sync with QuickBooks Online.

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How much does Bill.com cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

Bill.com users can subscribe to the invoicing (A/R), billing (A/P), or a combination of the two products. If you choose the Pay Bills or Get Paid package, you will get access to basic A/R and A/P capabilities, including seamless sync with third-party accounting software.

Based on information provided by the vendor, the actual cost may vary, depending on your business’s needs. However, from their official website, monthly subscription for Account Payables (A/P) and Account Receivables (A/R) services ranges from $39 to $43 per user. You may have to pay more if you wish to add many users and access more advanced features.

Final thoughts...

Bill.com provides a handy, two-in-one billing and invoicing solution. Its A/P automation and A/P process make billing easier for all users. If your vendors are also using Bill.com, they will be able to follow their invoices more easily using the invoice status feature. It comes with modern tools and features that will smoothen your business processes.

Do you have further inquiries? Visit their website to know more!