What is Invoice2go?

Invoice2go is invoicing software that allows micro and small businesses to send professional-looking invoices to clients from a smartphone or a desktop app. The software allows customization of an invoice template to include your business logo and details. You can also track your appointments, time on a job, and any expenses. Reminders for late payers can be set automatically, and detailed receipts issued to clients upon payment. The app also supports direct communication with your clients through email marketing.

Invoice2go is a privately owned company founded in 2022 and jointly headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and Palo Alto, California. With more than 220,000 customers, the company processes more than $24 billion annually across 160 countries. Australian founder Chris Strode started Invoice2go out of frustration at the lack of a simple, easy-to-use invoicing system for micro and small businesses. Two Silicon Valley veterans now fill the CEO, and CFO roles, with the company employing over 100 staff.

Invoice2go doesn’t do your tax, give you lots of fancy reports, or offer accounting features, but it provides a fully functioning and efficient estimating and invoicing service. Invoice2go allows you to create estimates for your clients and deliver them while the client stands before you, which is particularly useful if you’re a tradesperson or a freelancer working remotely. They can review, comment, and accept or reject the estimate on their smartphone.

You can email your invoices to clients or send them via WhatsApp, SMS, or Facebook Messenger. When you send an invoice, Invoice2go tracks every step so you can see when they receive the invoice, when they open it, when they make payment, and see once it’s overdue. You can also turn on automatic reminders, so the client will automatically receive a prompt that the invoice is past due and that payment is required. The invoice is integrated with Stripe to incorporate a pay now button, supporting prompt payment by credit or debit cards and PayPal. A nice feature of Invoice2go is the client portal allowing your customers to view and pay outstanding invoices online.

What popular features do you get with Invoice2go?

  • Time tracking capability
  • Expense capture for client account
  • Invoice tracking until paid
  • Email marketing support

  • Client account portals provided
  • Customizable invoice templates
  • Revenue reports monthly and annually
  • Automatic reminders for overdue invoices

  • Stripe-linked pay-now button on invoices
  • Real-time estimate completion and delivery

Customer Support is available at Invoice2go

Invoice2go provides 24-hour support from Monday to Saturday, with the contact method depending on your chosen plan. The Starter and Professional plans can use email or live web chat. Those on the Premium plan get the same contact methods while also having the option to speak directly to customer support by phone. Direct contact aside, there are plenty of get-started guides and FAQs for those who want the self-help route, with all support articles grouped by topic.


What kind of business is Invoice2go ideal for?

Invoice2go is perfect for a solopreneur or a small business seeking a complete digital invoicing solution. The company doesn’t claim to be anything it’s not, and you don’t get a lot of frills, but what it does, it does well. In the past, Invoice2go was crippled by the limitations on the numbers who could use the software; however, the company has responded to the criticisms and lifted the more onerous restrictions making the core software features unlimited, with the only exception being the number of invoices you can send per year. You may find other invoicing platforms that better suit your advanced needs if you’re a medium-sized business.

Pros and Cons

  • 30-day free trial
  • Supports recurring invoices
  • Unlimited estimates, projects, and clients
  • Supports ACH payments
  • Supports manual invoicing

  • An annual invoice limit heavily constrains the two lowest plans
  • Limited integrations at present, although promised

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How much does Invoice2go cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

Invoice2go offers three subscription plans, which you can pay monthly, or via a single discounted annual payment. The Starter plan has the core offerings of all three plan tiers, with each tier unlocking additional features.

All plans allow unlimited clients, projects, estimates, and team members. You can customize invoices, send auto-reminders, and track client activity. Receipting comes as standard, as do expense and time tracking, and appointments and scheduling. All plans can get a free website, bank account and debit card, while ACH payments are free.

Upgrade to the Professional plan, and the additional features include marketplace and accounting integrations and reporting. The Premium plan offers everything in the Professional plan plus a custom website domain, support for recurring invoices, and dial-in customer support. The main reasons to upgrade your plan lie in the limit to the number of invoices you can send annually and reduced card payment fees.

Plan Starter Professional Premium
Monthly cost $5.99 $9.99 $39.99
Annual cost $59.99 $99.99 $399.99/td>
Annual invoice limit 30 10 Unlimited
Card payment fees 3.5% 3% 2%
Paypal payment fee 2.9% + $0.30 2.9% + $0.30 2.9% + $0.30

Final thoughts...

Invoice2go has cleverly carved out a niche with a simple but elegantly executed product aimed at freelancers, solopreneurs, micro-businesses, and small businesses. If we have one concern, it’s the limited number of invoices a business can send on the lower two plans. The starter plan limit of 30 invoices a year allows you to send 2.5 invoices per month. That might be sufficient for some businesses, but it excludes many. Even on the Professional plan, the 100 invoice limit allows between 8 and 9 invoices a month. With freelancers and tradespeople billing a couple of times a day, they’re forced into the upper Premium plan at greater expense. We feel Invoice2go should increase these limits.

With that said, Invoice2go is a great idea, elegantly executed, and meets the needs of small businesses by digitizing what was once an arduous and time-consuming chore. If you’re a mobile worker, a tradesperson, or a small business that does not require accounting support with your invoicing, Invoice2go is a wise option.