What is Lavu POS?

Lavu is a restaurant technology solutions company with a point of sale payment system that is designed to meet the unique needs of restaurants. This POS merchant is one of the most popular restaurant POS systems because it is specifically designed to take the hassle out of restaurant payment processes and help manage operations more efficiently in a digital environment. It currently serves restaurants in over 65 countries.

Traditionally, restaurant POS systems served solely as platforms for electronic payment processing. However, with the advancement of technology, restaurant POS systems have advanced to become digital solutions for effective restaurant management and contactless payment processing. The best retail point of sale systems, such as Lavu POS, function to make the entire day-to-day running of restaurants seamless. Therefore, Lavu POS contains features such as ingredient-level inventory, online ordering, employee scheduling, and third-party integration that ensure it can carry out virtually any restaurant-specific task.

With its use of iPad technology, this American point of sale provider uses familiar technology that its customers will have no hassles understanding. The Lavu POS also contains customer service support and online tutorials designed to ensure its users have no problems managing and running it. Finally, the payment system is characterized by low rates, a typical 48-hour turnaround time, and a third-party integration option for flexibility and enhanced functionality.

The goal of Lavu POS system is to create a seamless point-of-purchase payment solution and business management for restaurants. With its emphasis on producing restaurant solutions built by experienced restaurant people, Lavu POS is designed to be a solution that takes into consideration all the pains that come with restaurant management. The idea is to ensure smooth restaurant management that enables restaurant owners and their employees adequately and impressively cater to the most important needs of their customers.

What popular features do you get with Lavu POS?

  • Third-party integration option
  • iOS technology
  • Online payments
  • Payment processing services
  • Order Management

  • In-built loyalty tools
  • Employee scheduling
  • 48-hour payment turnaround
  • Server handbooks
  • Credit card payments

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Cash discount program
  • Modification Menus
  • Customizable options
  • Pizza building module

Customer Support is available at Lavu POS

Lavu offers reliable, satisfactory customer service every step of the way. At onboarding, a Lavu rep is on-hand to guide you on everything you need to properly begin using this technology. This includes configuring software, ensuring that you have the right hardware, and building out a menu for your restaurant. The idea here is to make the onboarding process as simple and fast as possible.

After onboarding, the Lavu team checks on you from time to time to be sure you have all you need. There is also a 24/7 customer support system that you can reach out to if something goes wrong or you fail to understand something. Lastly, as your restaurants grow, Lavu can suggest or add additional features to your customized POS system to ensure your business keep running efficiently.


What kind of business is Lavu POS ideal for?

Lavu POS is a gateway point of sale that iOS designed to provide world-class restaurant management capabilities in such a way that any restaurant will find it easy to adopt. However, the unique and customizable features on Lavu make it especially ideal for food-service businesses with the following features or needs:

Restaurants in need of flexible and cost-effective payment processing
Lavu POS possesses an all-in-one inbuilt payment processor, which makes it cost-effective. Furthermore, it allows third-party integration with platforms like PayPal and Stripe, which guarantee its flexibility.

Food- businesses that require accounting tools
Lavu’s third-party integration feature ensures restaurants can integrate with third-party tools that support automated invoices and payments. Therefore, guaranteeing effective accounting. Some tools that can be integrated with Lavu POS include Xero, QuickBooks, and Sourcery.

Restaurants that want to display information on menus
Food businesses can display nutritional information concerning their Menu using Lavu POS. Customers, cashiers, and servers can access this information while placing orders with a simple click of a button. This is a big advantage as it lets your customers know exactly what they are eating.

Budget-conscious menu
Lavu’s POS system comes with the flexibility to make menu changes for your orders. For instance, your customers can make menu changes for pizza products by telling you not to include either the crust, sauce, or toppings.

Restaurants with a reliable internet connection
Lavu relies heavily on internet connection to access its best features. Therefore, restaurants without reliable connections may struggle to use it optimally.

Pros and Cons

  • There is a free Demo to get you acquainted with Lavu’s features even before subscribing.
  • Lavu helps with the initial software configuration and menu buildup, which makes it easy to onboard.
  • It possesses both inbuilt and third-party payment processing features, which makes it flexible for users.
  • Its app can be easily downloaded from the Apple Store.
  • You don’t have to be at the restaurant to use. You can use it anywhere if you have internet connection.
  • It is designed to accommodate new features that you will need as your restaurant business grows and scales.
  • It helps you customers enjoy seamless services.
  • Lavu POS provides multiple options for restaurant accounting.
  • It is customizable to suit unique the unique needs of your restaurant.
  • It functions on iPads and other devices that run iOS 11 or later models.

  • Add-ons and customization features can be expensive, especially for small restaurants.
  • The system can be glitchy when used offline.

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How much does Lavu POS cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

Lavu’s most recent pricing structure has three different subscription levels, namely: Starter, Growth, and Optimize. Optimize users can use Lavu POS on two terminals, while Starter and Growth users get the software for one terminal.

The monthly fee and tools for the three subscription levels are:

Starter ($59)

  • Inventory
  • 24/7 support

Growth ($129)

  • Inventory
  • 24/7 support
  • Menu drive and online ordering
  • QR code ordering
  • Loyalty features for customers

Optimize ($279)

  • Inventory
  • 24/7 support
  • Menu drive and online ordering
  • QR code ordering
  • Loyalty features for customers
  • Accounting and AP tools

Other additional features like third-party processing and self-service kiosks can be added for additional monthly fees. Users in the starter subscription can also add tools from the other two levels for additional fees. Below are some of Lavu’s additional functions and monthly fees:

  • Third-party payment processor: $25
  • Gift cards feature: $50
  • Loyalty feature: $50
  • Self-order kiosk: $50
  • Integration of Quickbooks/Xero: $30
  • AP Automation for Sourcery: $99
  • API access: $30
  • Online ordering with MenuDrive: $99
  • Syncing DoorDash orders: $70
  • Display system for a kitchen: $30
  • Tableside order: $30

Final thoughts...

Lavu seeks to solve the problems that come with managing a restaurant and food business. Lavu solutions, including Lavu POS, were built by individuals who have worked in the restaurant industry. This means this point-of-purchase technology is optimized to cater to restaurant-specific needs and deliver seamless restaurant management features.

Do you have you any other questions? Visit Lavu today for a FREE demo.