What is Oracle NetSuite Payroll?

Oracle NetSuite Payroll is an optional module of the popular NetSuite package of business software. Going hand-in-hand with NetSuite’s SuitePeople HR application, its aim is to simplify payroll processing both to save time and increase accuracy with its system of automated checks and balances. The software is marketed as an easy-to use, customizable solution to your payroll needs.

NetSuite Payroll operates in the cloud and claims to reduce payroll running times by up to 84% due to its automation of processes and reporting procedures. It also boasts an impressive array of functionality to ensure that your company meets its legal requirements, maintaining an up-to-date implementation of differing tax regimes between States, as well as incorporating Federal and Local taxes. It lets you print checks locally, as well as supporting multi-State employees. Payroll previews highlight variances from past runs and allow you to spot errors before processing, preventing costly corrections at a later date. NetSuite Payroll allows you to automate of all your company’s end of year filing, as well as enabling you to file taxes at year-end for your contractors and employees. All of these features make it much easier to ensure that your business remains legally compliant.

A particularly powerful feature of Oracle NetSuite Payroll is its relationship to the NetSuite package as a whole. Payroll details are shared in real-time with other NetSuite applications used by your organization, which, if you also use their financial software, enables more detailed and accurate reporting and allows an up-to-the-minute view of your cash flow. An ability to group employees by department and location and to set pay intervals in whatever way you choose (from daily all the way up to annually – as well as the facility to run additional off-cycle payrolls at any time you choose) helps you to manage your budget more effectively. More than 100 reports and key performance indicators are included with the software, and these are fully customizable for your needs, and you can also design your own from scratch. Native integration with NetSuite’s accounting package is a distinct plus as it eliminates the need for manual reconciliation between separate bookkeeping and payroll software. Payroll updates the General Ledger in real-time meaning that all of your payroll expenditure is automatically reconciled and immediately available to anyone producing financial charts and projections. NetSuite also offers a number of other optional software modules for your business, such as CRM, ERP, HR, stock management and multi-channel commerce consolidation.

Oracle NetSuite Payroll gives your employees a self-service area on which they can view their previous paychecks, update their payout method and personal details, and check their W-4 information. This affords your staff a greater sense of control over their financial affairs, and the integration with SuitePeople HR also allows employees to request time off and perform other functions without the need to speak to someone.

What popular features do you get with Oracle NetSuite Payroll?

  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Time-saving features
  • Flexible payment schedules
  • Employee self-service area

  • Automated tax filing
  • Real-time General Ledger updates
  • Built-in and customizable reporting
  • Eliminates need for separate services

  • Integration with other NetSuite applications
  • Constantly updated tax information

Customer Support is available at Oracle NetSuite Payroll

Oracle Netsuite Payroll offers 24/7 support via telephone, email and online chat – but only if you pay for it. As a modular package, flexible support is one of the items that can be fitted to your needs. A basic level is included with all applications and offers toll free help for critical issues, an extensive online knowledge base and access to a web-based community support group. At the advanced level, support can include tailored help to grow your business and meet key strategic milestones.


What kind of business is Oracle NetSuite Payroll ideal for?

The advantage of a package based solution is that it can be scaled for any size of business. That said, the bespoke nature of NetSuite means that it is most suitable for medium and larger businesses, or small businesses that expect to grow quickly. However, the scalability of the solution makes it a flexible choice for any company.

Pros and Cons

  • Netsuite Payroll’s automated features save time enabling you to process a payroll in less time and with a greater degree of accuracy.
  • Constantly updated with changes in tax law at a Federal, State and Local level, the software helps to ensure that your company remains legally compliant.
  • Real-time updates to your General Ledger (when using NetSuite’s accounting module) avoid the need for manual reconciliation between multiple software applications.
  • The self-service area for employees allows them to manage their personal data more effectively and reduces the load on your HR department.
  • Integration with other parts of the NetSuite package allows you the option to create a bespoke package to benefit the whole of your business.
  • Over 100 built-in reports and the option to customize your own reporting enable you to analyze your business performance in great detail.

  • The pricing structure of the software is not transparent, meaning that you must engage with an advisor to build a bespoke application for your business.
  • Integration with other parts of the NetSuite offering differs. Whilst connecting seamlessly with financials, Payroll does not have the same relationship with other elements.
  • Pricing may make NetSuite Payroll not cost effective for smaller businesses.

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How much does Oracle NetSuite Payroll cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

Oracle NetSuite Payroll is an optional addition to the NetSuite package which is available for an annual license fee based on the options you take and the number of users. To purchase Payroll you must have the base NetSuite software and will need to talk to a customer advisor in order to create a bespoke package that will work for your business. NetSuite offer a free product tour to help you decide whether it is appropriate for your company.

Final thoughts...

This software package is a go-to for medium sized businesses and fast-growing startups looking to consolidate their company software with one provider. Oracle NetSuite Payroll is an intelligently constructed and straightforward application when used by itself, but comes into its own, in terms of scope and value for money, when paired with NetSuite’s financial and HR offerings.

Take a look at Oracle NetSuite Payroll, and experience the free product demo to ascertain if it is the right fit for your business by visiting their website.