What is TouchBistro?

TouchBistro is responsible for powering nearly 30,000 restaurants around the globe. It is a software company that is based in Toronto and was founded by Alex Barotti in 2010.

The all-in-one point of sale and restaurant management system supports everything from bill-splitting to tableside ordering plus customized restaurant layout and more.

According to an array of software experts and analysts, TouchBistro is an affordable option for foodservice companies that don’t require an assortment of devices and terminals. The pricing at TouchBistro starts at $69/month. Every plan includes reporting, analytics and integrations. TouchBistro has a variety of features including Employee Management, Inventory Management and a ton of payment options.

TouchBistro is a POS app that exclusively operates on mobile ipads, the interface has a simple design and is easy to navigate.

And don’t fret about setting up your POS, TouchBistro has remote installation specialists ready to resolve your problems and take you through the set-up process step-by-step.

What popular features do you get with TouchBistro?

  • Payment processing
  • Floor plan
  • Table Management
  • Menu Management

  • Staff Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Tableside Ordering
  • Reporting

  • Analytics
  • Integrations
  • Touch Bistro POS Support
  • Add-ons

Customer Support is available at TouchBistro

TouchBistro has its own Customer Hub which includes step-by-step tutorials, videos, user guides and live workshops. Customer support is available every day of the year including holidays. The Touch Bistro service team can be contacted via their phone line, email or live chat in North America, United Kingdom, Latin America and the rest of the world. Users can even sign up to do TouchBistro training sessions. It is blatantly obvious that TouchBistro.inc cares about the businesses and people they cater for.


What kind of business is TouchBistro ideal for?

From Food Trucks to Full Service Restaurants to Coffee Shops and Bakeries, Touch Bistro’s powerful point-of-sale platform was built to streamline every type of restaurant’s operation. The platform helps restaurants save time and money whilst increasing sales and delivering a positive guest experience. This is what a selection of restaurant types can expect when they become users of the TouchBistro software:

Full service Restaurants are the ultimate restaurant concept for TouchBistro POS. This is a point of sale platform that understands everything about your business, ie; your pressures, your competitors and your margins. If you are a full service restaurant that dreams of boosting your sales, pleasing your guests and saving yourself time (and cash) then you cannot go past TouchBistro POS.

Catering companies function a whole lot differently than regular restaurants. They require software technology that will ultimately reward them with repeat customers and repeat business without a storefront. TouchBistro offers advanced reporting and analytics for catering companies whilst helping them deliver great guest experiences consistently.

Bars and Nightclubs are businesses that rely on speedy service for their success. The POS at TouchBistro helps reduce manual labor, so staff can focus on serving alcoholic beverages and keeping their customers merry at all times.

Bakeries generally make people happy. Breads, pastries, cakes and more keep those goodness-craving customers coming back. TouchBistro can help bakeries keep 100% of their profits with commission-free online ordering. With extensive reports and analytics, businesses owners can find out why certain sweet treats are flying off the shelves and others aren’t.

Breweries are unique in how they function as a business and TouchBistro realizes that. You want to be able to serve your customers drinks and delicious scoffs whilst being able to sell six-packs and branded merchandise online and off. With TouchBistro POS, your business can do just that. Allow devoted customers to move freely around your tap room and control costs with understandable payment processing.

Wineries need great POS and TouchBistro gives them that. Wineries can now connect with grape-lovers by selling bottles of Vino (and cases) for delivery or pickup directly from their website. They also allow guests to split the bill. As some smart person once said: “A day without wine…who am kidding? I have no idea” TouchBistro enables wineries to enhance their relationship with their customers. Time to pour another glass!

Pros and Cons

  • Intuitive software
  • User-friendly interface
  • No wifi needed
  • Customer support

  • No free plans
  • Ambiguous pricing on website compared to other platforms

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How much does TouchBistro cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

POS software plans start at $69/month, customers can find out more by requesting a quote on their website. All subscriptions include a stack of stuff such as; floor plan and table management, menu management, reporting and analytics, limitless integrations, staff management and round-the-clock customer support. Add-ons that you can purchase for customer engagement, are as follows:

  • Loyalty programs – starting at $99/month – turn a first-time customer into a devoted customer.
  • Online Ordering – starting at $50/month – hold on to your profits and allow guests to order takeaway and delivery straight from your restaurant.
  • Marketing – starting at $99/month – make your marketing campaigns automated.
  • Gift Cards – starting at $25/month – it has been proven that gift cards increase profits and drive sales. Sell, order and create digital gift cards for your business.
  • Reservations – starting at $229/month – With the reservations add-on you will attract more bookings and keep your customers happy with a reliable guest management platform.

Final thoughts...

TouchBistro has a wealth of positive customer reviews by their users. It’s a platform that seems best suited to businesses such as bars, cafes and full-service restaurants. TouchBistro really does assist restaurants in putting their guests first with features like customer loyalty programs, online ordering and reservations. TouchBistro is amazingly perceptive giving customers a smooth user experience.