What is Domain.com?

Domain.com started in 1998 as a tool for web hosting solutions but has evolved to become a complete website builder. It is highly scalable and has budget-friendly packages and cost-effective solutions for small-scale to medium-sized businesses worldwide. The name, Domain.com, is quite popular, with over 1.2 million websites under its portfolio.

If you’re looking for a free website builder, Domain.com offers tools and services at the cost of the domain. So, you don’t have to spend extra. However, it is not an entirely free platform for you to build a website. The cost is manageable as it comes with various services like website hosting, customised email services, SSL certification, free design consultation and marketing tools.

The free domain service comes with email forwarding, URL forwarding, DNS management, and transfer lock, among other things. A developer, or user, could also leverage customer support to ensure optimum control and flow. These make it the best website builder out there.

Domain.com comes with all the tools, resources, learning centres, and courses that you would need to build your own website. The extensive resources also help you match and upgrade the technology requirement. With decades of experience in the field, Domain.com also offers excellent advice and insights that would prove to be beneficial for anyone.

What popular features do you get with Domain.com?

  • Covers Versatile Range Of Domains
  • Cost-effective Website Hosting
  • User-friendly Website Builder
  • Experts for Website Design

  • Experts for Marketing Services
  • Complete Custom Email Management
  • Complete Website Security (SSL)
  • Knowledge Base With Video Tutorials

  • Extensive Customer Support
  • Affordable Domain Pricing

Customer Support is available at Domain.com

If there’s one thing Domain.com does the best, it is providing customer service. There is a knowledge base, video tutorial, blogs, and live chat section. There are also affiliate programs, and everything has dedicated customer support.

Domain.com has decades of experience, and it shows in the customer care and services it offers. You also get additional consultation, like the design consultation, to learn more. There is also email support, phone service support, SSL certifications and more.

If you need to hire a professional, additional resources are available, and these qualities certainly make it stand out as the best website builder.


What kind of business is Domain.com ideal for?

Domain.com is the best website builder for small businesses and mid-tier businesses. It provides customised domains at an affordable range. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for small-scale businesses that are looking for sustainable performance and tools.

As a custom website builder, Domain.com offers WordPress website builder tools and other easy website builder tools. You wouldn’t have to worry about any resources or lack of solutions. There are comprehensive solutions, video tutorials and more. So, even the most outdated user could learn to use it.

However, it is only a cheap website builder for the starting stage. For the first year or two, you won’t have price problems. As the website scales, the offers don’t last from the website, and it becomes costly. At that point, it is better to move to other recommended website builders.

So, if you’re looking for a website builder software that gives you a kickstart with the right certifications and helps you learn how to build your own website, it is among the great choices.

Pros and Cons

  • It is a great choice for small-scale to mid-tier business builders as it offers a fantastic array of resources and services. Experts are also available.
  • You have access to the complete ‘suite’ that you would need to create, run, maintain, and scale the website. It covers security tools as well.
  • Domain.com is a beginner-friendly platform with a dedicated knowledge base for users to learn everything. Even if you don’t know anything, you will learn.
  • There are free domains and SSL certification facilities. You can also get free design consultations from experts. It offers affordable services for new websites.

  • The more you scale the website, the costlier it will get to maintain. Domain.com is scalable but not great for fully-developed and high-end websites.
  • The discounts or hosting offers are limited and short-term. For instance, it is around one year of hosting at a discount, and the cost can grow later.

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How much does Domain.com cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

Domain.com offers feasible options to begin the website. However, as you scale, the cost will go up. It provides bulk options like free or viable hosting with domain purchase and such. Here is a brief overview:

  • .Com: $9.99 for the first year
  • .Net: $12.99 for the first year
  • .Org: $8.99 for the first year
  • .Me: $3.99 for the first year
  • .Store: $9.99 for the first year
  • .Blog: $6.99 for the first year
  • Website Hosting: Starting from $3.75 per month
  • Website Builder: Starting from $1.99 per month
  • Design Consultation: Free

Final thoughts...

Domain.com is a feasible service if you don’t care too much about the exact name and domain you receive. There are additional costs, and some domains might not be available. However, if you look past these problems, Domain.com is among the leading names in the industry.
With decades of experience, it has honed the power of the free website builder. You can learn how to build your own website, and it comes with SSL certification, email management, and even phone number management services. As an unaware user, you might not know exactly everything you need for a full-fledged website and what makes it work.

Once you learn gradually, you will have scalable plans, like bandwidth and storage, which makes it a completely customisable website builder. These qualities certainly make it one of the best website builders out there. So, if you’re looking to empower and boost your business with online availability, you should undoubtedly check Domain.com out and visit it!