What is Ionos by 1&1?

If you are a small business owner looking for a versatile web hosting and web design company, Ionos 1&1 may be a suitable option. The company offers multiple services that support users who need one or multiple websites, and it also serves eCommerce store owners. Ionos has a 30-day money-back guarantee and attractive promotional rates, which makes it a relatively safe option for customers who want to explore its offerings. Ionos also offers email services, security services, and marketing services. Ionos 1&1 can be helpful, especially if you do not know how to build your website.

Ionos offers affordable hosting plans, which include shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting. These plans can be affordable for beginners who only need one website. However, smaller businesses that need to host multiple websites can rely on its more advanced services. Ionos by 1&1 is also offering promotions for new users, including web hosting for $0.50/month for the first year and cheap website builder options. Therefore, it can be relatively risk-free for someone to switch to Ionos and see if it is a long-term fit. Ionos also supports WordPress hosting and has a word press website builder.

One unique factor about Ionos by 1&1 is that it has tools that help support individuals or businesses who need to build a website. It can be hard to find a reliable free website builder. Luckily, Ionos by 1&1 offers plans starting at just $1/month. The company offers website builder plans that customers can use to build a website without any experience necessary. Customers can use the company’s templates and easily edit texts and images. These packages also support e-commerce stores. Ionos by 1&1 has other complimentary supporting tools for these websites, including built-in analytics and security services.

Ionos by 1&1 also offers other standard services for its customers. Ionos offers an SSL security certificate to help boost the security of their website. Ionos by 1&1 also offers professional email services for companies, including Microsoft 365 and Google workspace. It also provides online marketing services for small businesses, including local business listing, Google ad management services, and search engine optimization. Finally, it also offers online storage and backup options, which allows customers to securely store their data and protect their website from viruses and other technical issues.

What popular features do you get with Ionos by 1&1?

  • Supports e-commerce stores
  • Beginner or advanced options
  • 99.9% uptime
  • SSL certificate for websites
  • Dedicated hosting

  • Easy website builder services
  • Online marketing services
  • Supports WordPress hosting
  • Professional email hosting
  • SEO tools

  • Cloud storage
  • Data protection
  • Affordable plans

Customer Support is available at Ionos by 1&1

Ionos by 1&1 offers a free 24-hour phone number for customers to call if they have any technical issues with their website. Customers can also contact customer support online by submitting an inquiry. The company also has an Ionos support center. This support center has information and FAQs about common issues.


What kind of business is Ionos by 1&1 ideal for?

Many small businesses will find these services extremely useful. Small businesses that need help with web design and other services may find Ionos helpful. Ionos also supports eCommerce stores that need reliable and secure hosting. However, some individuals who are newer to web hosting may find these services very useful, especially if they start with one of the cheaper 12-month promotional plans.

Pros and Cons

  • The company offers promotional rates during the first year and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The company’s website-building tools are very supportive and can help individuals, small businesses, and eCommerce entrepreneurs.
  • The customer support services are available 24/7, and Ionos can resolve most issues for free.
  • Ionos provides extensive support for eCommerce stores.

  • Hosting plans are relatively expensive once the 12-month teaser rate expires.
  • Ionos has a lot of costly add-on services, including marketing services, SSL certificates, and domain security services.

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How much does Ionos by 1&1 cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

Ionos 1&1 is a relatively affordable hosting company that offers attractive rates, especially for the first year. Domain hosting plans can start as low as $0.50/month for the first year before increasing to $4+/month.

Website Builder Service: Ionos charges $1/month for the starter website service, $5/month for the plus website builder service, and $10/month for the pro website builder service during the first year. After the first year, these plans increase to $5-15/month. The e-commerce option costs $12-35/month after the 12-month teaser rate expires. Customers can try the basic eCommerce hosting option for $1/month during the first 12 months.

Web Hosting: The company’s essential, business and expert web hosting plans cost between $6-16/per month. However, the company offers low promotional rates during the first twelve months, which can be as low as $0.50/month. The business and expert options are better for people who need unlimited websites and storage and need other add-ons such as site analytics and malware protection.

Google Ads/SEO: Ionos by 1&1 also offers other marketing services for businesses. The company sells google ad services, which help businesses launch google ads campaigns. These services start at $25/month and can be as expensive as $80/month. The company also offers two SEO plans, which cost $8/month or $20/month.

Other Services: Ionos by 1&1 also offer professional email plans, which costs between $1-5/month depending on the plan. It also sells cloud storage plans for small businesses, which cost between $7-20/per month. However, the company offers 12-month promotional rates for these services and charges $1-10/month for plans during the first twelve months.

Final thoughts...

Ionos by 1&1 is an excellent web hosting option for most individuals and small businesses. Its promotional rates are attractive, and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customers who need marketing services, such as SEO or google ads, may appreciate the company’s services. Furthermore, Ionos also provides extensive support for customers who need assistance designing a website using their tools. Most small businesses will find that Ionos offers an attractive range of services that can help improve the quality of their website. Ionos by 1&1 is a strongly recommended website builder for small business owners.