What is Site123?

Site123 is a popular platform known for being a free website builder. It initially offers free website hosting, free templates, designs, and more. You don’t need to have a well-versed knowledge about using the platform or building the website. Site123 doesn’t require any coding or HTML requirements, and its user-friendliness is what makes it the best website builder.

Initially, the free package allows anyone to build a website from scratch without worrying about the cost. After that, the user can gradually scale the website as they grow. Thus, making it a cost-efficient and affordable alternative to other service providers available online.

For organic ranking, Site123 also offers SEO tools. These fall under the free package, as well. Therefore, you can build your own website and also take care of all the ranking requirements from the ranking tools. With analytics and insights, you can determine whether you want to upgrade the website or change the website builder software.
Site123 offers a complete wizard for website designing as a custom website builder. It scales your website for mobile platforms automatically without you spending anything extra. These kinds of qualities certainly make it a worthwhile recommendation, especially for small-scale to mid-tier businesses.

What popular features do you get with Site123?

  • Free Website Building & Hosting
  • Get Custom Domains Conveniently
  • World-Class SEO Tools & Optimization
  • E-Commerce Facilities Like Online Stores

  • Remarkable Customer Support & Resources
  • Easy To Upgrade Your Website
  • Royalty-Free Images And Designs
  • Affordable Premium Plans Available

  • Website Builder Without Coding Requirements
  • Automatic Optimization For Mobile Platforms

Customer Support is available at Site123

One of the best qualities of Site123 is the extensive customer service it offers. You will get everything from learning how to build your own websites to using the custom website builder. These qualities make it stand out with extensive resources.

From FAQs and information about Site123 itself to the learning resources needed to use it, you have everything. There is extensive support for various features and facilities. Additionally, you could leverage its customer support for your website to offer compelling support to your user.

These qualities make it a more straightforward website builder than one could hope for.


What kind of business is Site123 ideal for?

Site123 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build a website from scratch. It is easier than WordPress to use and comes with extensive resources. Therefore, even if you’re a beginner and know nothing about website building or hosting, it will help you out.

You can build your own website and test the grounds. It will do the work for any small-scale business or startup that is just beginning but needs a domain and website. You could even use the premium package to get a cheap website builder for an online store.

However, once you grow, the WordPress website builder (Site123) won’t be enough for you. It is meant to be simple and full of features for the users. Therefore, once you outgrow its infrastructure and ecosystem, you will have to move to other recommended website builders and can’t stick to Site123. It won’t offer you the flexibility, resources, and other essentials needed for a complex or multi-scale website.

Pros and Cons

  • Site123 has support and a database for everything, including multi-lingual support and mobile optimization. These qualities make it an excellent choice for those starting.
  • It is easy-to-use, user-friendly, with quick building tools. It comes with SEO tools, blogs, and other requirements, everything you need to start up a website.
  • Apart from just providing building, hosting, and management tools, it also offers analytic tools for you to check your platform’s performance. Thus, you can improve.
  • There is also a 14-day money-back guarantee you can use and shift back to the free plan if you don’t like the premium option.

  • Site123 is not for high-end and complex website building. It is limited in offering templates, designs, and more. Therefore, it is excellent for beginners.
  • Site123 comes with advertisements (Banners and such) with the free package on your website. This could impact the user experience or reduce the overall appeal.

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How much does Site123 cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

Upon visiting the website and evaluating it, you could see that there are only two packages or plans available for the user starting out. That’s because Site123 is a firm believer in scalability. It offers other plans once you become a premium user to meet your requirements for website hosting.

However, the Premium Plan is the most popular plan. This shows that Site123 is well-aware of its use and the kind of clientele they have.

  • Free Plan ($0/month): The free package comes with all the resources as promised by Site123, with 250 MB of Storage, Bandwidth, and Subdomains. So, you get everything you need to start with it. However, it does come with advertisements and banners for visitors.
  • Premium Plan ($5.80/month): This plan gives you 5 GB of bandwidth and 1 year of free domain with 10 GB of storage. There aren’t any SITE123 advertisements or floating tags that you have to worry about. You can connect your domain and even get the online store facilities.
  • Other Plans: If a user wishes to scale their platforms, Site123 does offer other services that range from multiple payment support and security to email management. These can range from $11/month to more. For this, you will have to reach out to SITE123 support.

Final thoughts...

It isn’t about ‘how to build your own website’ anymore, but about finding the best website builder. Site123 meets all the criteria needed to be the best website builder for small businesses. It will even put up with the mid-tier and growing business. However, once you’re a full-scale business, you might want to check other website builder software.

If that is not a problem for you, then Site123 is among the most recommended website builders out there. It offers everything that you will need. So, go ahead and give it a try. Visit the website today!