What is Paychex?

Paychex is a human capital management tool. It helps small to mid-tier businesses have a full-fledged Payroll, insurance, HR, and benefits management. Paychex Inc is also a member of NAPEO (National Association of Professional Employer Organization). It is accredited by BBB, ESAC and IRS, and the company also holds a NASDAQ listing.

Paychex covers a wide range of insurance, tax, and payroll management tools. You could enhance efficiency by offering mobile access and cloud infrastructure for cooperative functionality. It offers a fantastic array of features, ease of use, and robust customer support. Furthermore, as a customer-centric tool, it ensures to simplify even the most complex management requirements.

Paychex has paid strong attention to enhancing customer support. It houses 7,000+ customer support executives and 600+ HR professionals. The award-winning customer support also comes with outsourcing HR and PEO options. With reports and analytics to access anytime, you will have a complete understanding of the system.

Apart from payroll services, you can manage time & attendance, retirement plans, applications, and even the complete recruitment process. It even covers and helps with easy processing or calculations of benefits like insurance, dental, and more. While the pricing could be a little less clear, it makes up for the cons by being highly scalable and a perfect ‘all-in-one solution in the field.

What popular features do you get with Paychex?

  • Highly Scalable For Small Businesses
  • Universal Compatibility On Any Device
  • Complete Payroll Services
  • Time & Attendance Management

  • HR Services & Support
  • Employee Benefits Services
  • Business Insurance Solutions
  • Payment Processing Solutions

  • Extensive Database For Learning
  • Up-to-Date With Laws & Regulations

Customer Support is available at Paychex

Paychex has paid strong attention to customer services like accounting software for small businesses to large-scale enterprises. It covers a wide spectrum of support. This goes from offering baseline resources and educational materials on ‘How-to’ and ‘The best ways to’ use the Paychex to providing complete HR support and insights, despite being a small business accounting software.

It also covers various mediums like on-phone customer support, Email, AI, and live messaging support. For its holistic customer services, Paychex is known as award-winning online accounting software.


What kind of business is Paychex ideal for?

Paychex is better known as the best small business accounting software. It works great for small to medium-sized businesses. Primarily, if you have 50+ employees and could grow to 1,000 or more, it is an excellent accounting and inventory software.

Correlatively, if you’re looking for cloud accounting software for your HR, Accounting, and Bookkeeping department, it works as a brilliant asset. While it is easy accounting software, it might not be the best choice for someone who has just started a business with a small team or by themself. It doesn’t work as freelance accounting and payroll software either.

If you’re looking for a very simple, baseline bookkeeping software for small businesses, like excel sheet, but better, there are better alternatives. The tool won’t suit large-scale enterprises either. So, it is good cloud-based accounting software for medium-scale businesses.

Remember that it is not free bookkeeping software. So, you will have to invest notably to get something in return. From the looks of the pricing below, you will notice that it is reasonably feasible and budget-friendly for various other reasons.

Pros and Cons

  • Scalable according to the number of employees.
  • Provides insurance and other affiliated services needed for bookkeeping.
  • Award-winning customer support with on-phone services.
  • Easy to use and implement with universal compatibility.

  • There are extra costs and fees apart from the subscription packages.
  • Not an excellent tool for freelancers or start-up (small) businesses.

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How much does Paychex cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

The average cost of Paychex is easily around $60 / month, at least. Given below are the prices that can still vary. It is cheap accounting software for a medium-tier business or enterprise.
Paychex has non-defined payment packages. Therefore, you will have to request a quote to get your personalised pricing and packages.

Apart from the cost given below, there could be additional setup fees. You could also apply for early subscriptions.

Express Payroll $60 / Month +$4 / Employee
Paychex Go $59 / Month +$4 / Employee
Flex Essential $39 / Month +$5 / Employee
Flex Select $90 / Month +$3 / Employee
Flex Pro $158 / Month +$3.65 / Employee
Flex Enterprise Highly Variable Highly Variable

Final thoughts...

Paychex could be easy accounting software if you’re looking for something that covers a little bit of everything. It is cloud-based accounting software and highly compatible with various devices. You can use it with any analytical tool or even have automated processes like direct deposits and other insurance subscriptions.

As an ERP accounting software, it is mid-tier. While it has award-winning customer service and extensive experience since 1971, it isn’t exactly the top accounting software for large-scale business expansion. You could also look for better accounting and payroll software. But if you’re looking for cost-effective or cheap accounting software, it is one of the few.

Overall, as an accounting and payroll software, if those are your requirements, Paychex will fulfil all the requirements. It is an affordable small business accounting software that is way better than many free bookkeeping software for small businesses or other similar enterprises.

If you seek more information or need a quote for a small business bookkeeping software, we have a form given below. Other than that, you could give Paychex a try by at least asking for a quote.

There’s one thing Paychex thrives at, and that is brilliant customer service. If you’re not a tech-savvy individual or have trouble using new tools and systems, it is a great start. Once you get used to it, you could move to other options available.

So go ahead and give Paychex a try today. Visit the official website here.