What is Netsuite SuitePeople?

Oracle Netsuite is an American technology company that provides software and services to assist businesses in managing their finances and operations. SuitePeople is Netsuite’s human resource management module that encompasses and integrates payroll and performance management. By linking HR, payroll, and financial management, SuitePeople gives you greater visibility into employee costs while streamlining workflows and driving greater employee engagement and performance management. While Oracle Netsuite is a huge and complex platform, it does offer solutions for small to mid-sized businesses seeking an integrated HR solution.

Netsuite began life in 1998 as web-based accounting software called NetLedger, with the company widely credited as the pioneer of cloud-based software. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the owners listed the company on the New York stock exchange in 2007 before Oracle purchased it in 2016 for $9.3 billion. The company is now known for its solutions in enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer resource management (CRM), public service automation (PSA), inventory and warehousing, and ecommerce. Netsuite has 24 offices globally and over 31,000 customers.

SuitePeople provides a single database and centralized solution for managing global employee records and combines real-time workforce analytics with financial data. The full-service payroll function ensures compliance with all federal and state tax laws, manages processing and payments, and updates the general ledger in real-time to support accurate reporting and analysis. The system automates the paid-time-off workflow for application and approval, advises of conflicts, and maintains compliance with company policies. A compensation and benefits tracking feature also allows analysis and reporting. SuitePeople’s performance management function automates the review process and assists in goal creation, monitoring progress against the goals, and recognizing employees for their achievements.

Administration of the HR function is simplified by automating and routing information for approval, managing a centralized company directory, and maintaining an audit trail of all tasks completed in the system, accurately dating, timestamping, and capturing explanations for all changes. Employee and manager portals support self-service for standardized tasks such as requesting and approving time off, promoting or transferring individuals, updating personal information and checking personal payroll data. Onboarding and offboarding checklists increase efficiency, ensure no steps are missed, and exit interviews are conducted appropriately. A recognition feature helps to drive a positive work culture by allowing employees to recognize their colleagues, capture performance metrics, and reward top performers.

Netsuite SuitePeople

What popular features do you get with Netsuite SuitePeople?

  • Powerful and visually appealing analytics
  • Automated federal and state taxes
  • Excellent audit tracking
  • Self-service employee data management

  • Automated and streamlined processes
  • Full-service payroll
  • Real-time general ledger updates
  • Great customization

  • Streamlined onboarding and data collection
  • Attractive and effective performance reviews

Customer Support is available at Netsuite SuitePeople

Netsuite offers a competent customer support service, as you’d expect given its global reach and broad customer base. You can access assistance 24/7 through email, telephone, or by using their online chatbot. There is also an extensive learning repository you can review for answers to problems and a large online community to offer assistance. All local offices have their phone numbers on the Netsuite website should all other attempts at resolution fail.


What kind of business is Netsuite SuitePeople ideal for?

There are so many features and so much functionality in SuitePeople that it will probably overwhelm small operations and solopreneurs. A small business is unlikely to need or use such complexity. Additionally, the monthly cost for such a powerhouse will be well outside most small company budgets. However, if you’re a mid-sized organization with dozens of employees or a globally dispersed business, SuitePeople might be just what you need to get control over your operation. We feel medium-sized and larger businesses will find SuitePeople reasonably cost-effective while allowing additional software modules to be added as your company scales.

Pros and Cons

  • Simple, powerful reporting tools
  • Unlimited scalability with Netsuite as your business expands
  • Comprehensive, full-service payroll
  • Linked HR and financials for greater workforce insight
  • Very customizable
  • Single database for accuracy and security
  • Process automation

  • No subscription prices published, quote-only
  • Pricey and complex for those needing only HR support

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How much does Netsuite SuitePeople cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

We can’t give you any idea of the costs of implementing SuiteBilling, as there are no published rates. Netsuite prefers to operate on a quote-only basis after reviewing the size of your organization and your needs. We understand you pay for a license fee allowing access to the core Netsuite platform, then prices for the modules you need, and a per-employee per-month fee. There is also a fee for the initial set-up.

There’s no getting around that by the time you’ve added all those fees up, SuitePeople is not a software platform for small operations, despite Oracle’s claim to the contrary. We’ve heard a figure of $99 per employee per month quoted. While we can’t validate that, such a cost is suitable only for reasonable-sized operations or ones rapidly scaling to over fifty workers. However, for a large organization, or one already using the Netsuite ERP or CRM modules, SuitePeople such pricing probably won’t deter.

Final thoughts...

SuitePeople is an impressive human resource management package that integrates payroll, HR, and financial data. It does away with dangerous and unreliable third-party integrations, providing a single source of information in one highly secure database. Offering efficient HR admin by using automated and customizable workflows, you get workforce and performance management while tracking and managing engagement. The analytics capabilities of SuitePeople are impressive, with attractive presentations offering deep insight into workforce planning and reporting.

While we pale slightly at the reported cost of implementing SuitePeople, we can’t help but be impressed by its functionality, ease of use, and growth opportunities. The size and scale of the Netsuite modules ensure that you will never need to change to a larger, more sophisticated provider as your business expands. If you have a medium to large business or a complex global organizational structure, Netsuite’s SuiteBilling may be just what you need for your human capital management.