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The customer experience is becoming increasingly digitized, and reservations are no exception. The majority of businesses adopt an online reservation platform so customers can make bookings on the web or via a mobile app.

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However, modern reservation software can do more than simply take online bookings. Leading-market providers offer products that manage reservations, build customer relationships and process payments.

With so many impressive software products on offer, narrowing your search can be challenging. We’re here to break down the best reservation systems and help you decide which one is best suited to your business.

Comparing the Best Reservations Software Products

We have identified Zenchef, Apointedd, Facebook, Instagram, Omnivore and SevenRooms as the top 6 reservation software products available.

The comparison table below provides a brief overview of each product and its primary features.

Reservations Software Providers Comparison Table

Product Booking System Seating Plan Payment Processing Guest Comms Advanced Reporting Customer Profiles


Multi-restaurant booking system


Engagement and scheduling solution


Social Media platform with business management tools


Social Networking Service with booking capabilities


Restaurant software specialising in technology integration

Seven Rooms

Guest Engagement Platform
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Zenchef is a restaurant management solution that prioritizes customer experience. Its cloud-based software offers reservation, menu and payment management tools. Streamline daily operations and perfect each service with Zenchef.

Key Selling Points

Here are two of Zenchef’s standout features:

1.    Website Design

Increase web traffic with a responsive and user-friendly website. Use Zenchef’s design tools to create an attractive site to generate bookings and improve your online presence. The perfect website can attract new customers and reassure existing customers of the credibility and professionalism of your business.

2.    Digital Menu

Customers can access your menu with handy QR codes, speeding up order taking and table turnover rate. To maximize profitability, edit your menus in real-time, even down to individual ingredients. Zenchef’s intuitive interface makes viewing and modifying your online menu straightforward.

key Features

Zenchef is bursting with impressive features. Here are six of the most notable.

  1. Booking System.
    Take online bookings 24/7 in several languages and deter no shows by sending reminders or taking a deposit.
  2. Seating Plan.
    Online seating plans inform you of how busy a shift will be so you can plan inventory and staffing accordingly.
  3. Payment Processing.
    Customers can pay by scanning a QR code to free up server time and reduce wait times.
  4. Guest Communications.
    Tailor marketing campaigns with helpful templates and send automated notifications to update customers.
  5. Customer Profiles.
    Build customer profiles based on habits and preferences for more targeted marketing.
  6. Review Management.
    Automatically send customer questionnaires and control your image by deciding whether reviews are published.



Appointedd is an online booking system which caters to multiple industries. Its cutting-edge technology manages the booking experience from start to finish streamlining the process for business owners and their customers.

Key Selling Points:

Let’s look at Appointedd’s most impressive selling points:

1.    International Business Scheduling

Operate on a global scale with multi-timezone, multi-language and multi-currency features. By calculating timezone differences, Appointedd makes conducting international business more accessible. You can also process payments in multiple currencies and engage with clients in their chosen language.

2.    Queue Management

Hospitality operators can manage queues using QR technology. Walk-in customers can secure reservations by scanning a QR code at your premises. Customers will be notified if you’re at maximum capacity and can book in for the next available slot. Take advantage of passing footfall with Appointedd’s queue management.

key Features

Appointedd is a comprehensive appointment scheduling platform. Here are six of the software’s best features.

  1. Booking System.
    Expand customer reach with 24/7 unlimited online booking from any device via Appointedd’s mobile app.
  2. Payment Processing.
    Appointedd is partnered with multiple payment providers to offer flexible solutions to your customers.
  3. Guest Communications.
    Customize and automate SMS/email appointment reminders.
  4. Advanced Reporting.
    View critical data like top customers, revenue, cancellations, occupancy, productivity and KPIs.
  5. Customer Profiles.
    Add custom fields or questions to booking forms to receive key information and build customer profiles.
  6. Software Integrations.
    Appointedd integrates with vital tools like calenders, payment processors and inventory management software.



Those with a Facebook Business Page can access impressive reservation management features. Business owners can set their availability, list their services, and allow Facebook to do the rest. With such an expansive reach, Facebook offers a great way to attract customers and build a reputation.

Key Selling Points

Two key selling points of Facebook include:

1.    Featured Services Section

Customers can get a summarized view of up to 10 of your most popular services without browsing your entire business page. Offering potential customers a snippet of what your business provides increases their likelihood of making a booking.

2.    The Facebook Pixel

Facebook provides a piece of code that you can apply to your website to measure, optimize, and build audiences. The Facebook Pixel tracks advertising campaigns and conversion rates for complete visibility over your business.

key Features

Facebook offers an abundance of excellent features. The best include:

  1. Booking System.
    Customers can make reservations via the Facebook app or website using the ‘Book Now’ button on your business page.
  2. Payment Processing.
    Facebook processes booking payments using a range of different methods.
  3. Guest Communications.
    Use Facebook Messenger to answer customer queries and prevent no-shows with confirmation and reminder messages.
  4. Advanced Reporting.
    Track customer engagement and learn how many people visit your Facebook business page vs how many books an appointment.
  5. Customer Profiles.
    Always have the contact information and appointment history of your customers at hand.
  6. User Calendar.
    Access your Facebook calendar from anywhere and receive push notifications every time a booking is made.



Instagram, like Facebook, allows customers to book appointments directly from your business account. Share high-quality photographs to attract customers and encourage them to make a booking. Instagram is a great place to market your business to the masses and generate more bookings.

Key Selling Points

Here are two of Instagram’s greatest strengths:

1.    Action Buttons

Action buttons connect Instagram profiles with external services so customers can engage with your business straight from your page. Customers can use action buttons to make reservations without leaving the Instagram app or web page.

2.    Marketing Strategies

Implement effective marketing strategies to increase exposure and garner new customers. Build your brand with hashtags so your business is more visible in Instagram’s ‘Explore’ section. Consider investing in Instagram ads to funnel web traffic towards your page and generate bookings.

key Features

Instagram’s strongest features include:

  1. Booking System.
    Facilitate online bookings with action buttons so customers can make reservations without having to leave Instagram.
  2. Guest Communications.
    Use Instagram’s direct messaging function to communicate with customers and build stronger relationships.
  3. Customer Profiles.
    Get to know your audience through their Instagram profiles and encourage them to use your hashtag to boost marketing.
  4. Shoppable Posts.
    Attach product tags to Instagram posts to link customers to your eCommerce site.
  5. Facebook Integration.
    Experience seamless connectivity between your Instagram and Facebook business page.
  6. User Support.
    Access tutorials and an on-hand team of experts to build your Instagram Business Page and start taking online reservations.



Omnivore partners with leading brands to find them the best technology solutions on the market. It provides businesses with the opportunity to find restaurant-specific technologies which boost revenue and streamline operations.

Omnivore enhances your online reservation capabilities by seamlessly connecting industry-leading booking platforms with your POS data.

Key Selling Points

Below, we have summarized two key benefits of Omnivore:

1.    Data Sharing

Omnivore sends transactional data to major reservation platforms to improve the efficiency of your daily operations. Connect Omnivore with your POS system to speed up table turnover and increase check totals. The depth and breadth of data that Omnivore can collect arms you with actionable insights to grow your business.

2.    Customer Community

Omnivore develops strong relationships with its users by providing excellent customer support. Access helpful guidance by visiting their FAQ page, emailing their support team, or contacting them via social media.

key Features

Omnivore has many features, including:

  1. Booking System.
    Access top booking platforms with Omnivore’s expansive catalogue of partners.
  2. Payment Processing.
    Take advantage of Omnivore’s wide range of payment processing applications.
  3. Advanced Reporting.
    Omnivore collects essential sales data and sends this to reporting apps to provide detailed reports.
  4. App Deployment.
  5. Omnivore simplifies the testing, vetting and deployment processing, meaning installing new technologies is more straightforward than ever.
  6. Omnivore {Connect}.
    Find the perfect software solution with Omnivore’s curated catalogue of products.
  7. Menu Management.
    Update all your digital menus simultaneously and upsell certain items with Omnivore’s menu management.



SevenRooms is a data-driven customer engagement platform that helps restaurants deliver impeccable customer service. Its primary focus is building comprehensive customer profiles you can leverage to tailor your guests’ dining experience.

Key Selling Points

Let’s dive into SevenRooms’ top two key selling points:

1.    Marketing Campaigns

Send post-meal surveys to every customer to receive vital feedback and improve your restaurant. SevenRooms also offers a variety of email marketing campaign templates to engage your audience. Track the success of campaigns with real-time analytics to optimize your marketing efforts.

2.    Customizable Guest Tags

Customer tags are automatically assigned based on pre-defined rules so that customer profiles essentially build themselves. These tags span food intolerances, alcohol preferences, review history, and more. Get to know your customer base and tailor their guest experience to build loyalty and drive sales.

key Features

SevenRooms boasts a host of notable features. Six of its most impressive include:

  1. Booking System.
    Customers can make reservations across multiple channels with SevenRooms’ fully branded reservation platform.
  2. Seating Plan.
    Automatically assign seating plans using SevenRooms’ smart algorithms to save you vital time.
  3. Payment Processing.
    Accept and process online orders by credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  4. Advanced Reporting.
    Receive in-depth reports of each service and a daily overview of customer engagement.
  5. Customer Profiles.
    Build comprehensive guest profiles to deliver a truly personal service to each and every customer.
  6. Review Management.
    Track all your reviews in one place and gain insight into potential weak spots that your business can improve.

How to Choose Which Reservations Software is Best for Your Business

There are numerous reservations software products designed to simplify the booking experience for your business and its customers. To select the right one, it’s worth considering your specific business needs.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when investing in a new reservations software:

  • Pricing. Set a realistic budget for subscription costs to ensure that a new software product won’t put you out of pocket.
  • Functionality. What features are most important to your business? For instance, some reservation platforms automate seating plans, whereas others focus more on building customer profiles.
  • Usability. It’s vital to choose a user-friendly software product. Since most of your workforce will use it, it should be accessible and simple.
  • Compatibility. Ensure your chosen reservations software can integrate with your other business software, such as your POS system.

The factors above provide a good starting point in your journey to find the perfect reservations software. To gain a deeper understanding, read reviews of each product and see if they offer a free trial to experience how they function first-hand.

Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve answered some of the most popular queries about reservations software to arm you with more information about the market.

What are the Benefits of Reservations Software?

Reservations software is an invaluable tool which streamlines the management of bookings whilst boosting guest engagement. It allows customers to make online reservations with ease across a multitude of engagement channels. The top systems share guest data, so you’re always prepared to provide excellent service to whoever walks through your doors.

What are Some of the Best Reservations Software Products?

We identified Zenchef, Appointedd, Facebook, Instagram, Omnivore and SevenRooms as the leading reservation platforms. Zenchef and SevenRooms are the highest-ranking options because of their impressive range of capabilities. Appointedd is a fantastic option for appointment scheduling that goes beyond the hospitality industry, such as conducting international business.

Which Reservations Software Product is Best for My Business?

When choosing a new reservations software product, consider the following factors: cost, functionality, usability, and compatibility. Your chosen software should be affordable, have all the features you need, be easy to navigate, and integrate with your existing POS system.

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