What is Ooma Office?

Ooma office is a phone service for small businesses. It enables business owners to communicate with their customers and staff from anywhere.

Ooma boasts over fifty features including a Free Mobile App, a Virtual Receptionist, Music On Hold plus an array of other Call Management, Setup and Mobility Features.

Ooma is a business phone system specifically designed for small businesses. It will boost your company’s productivity and allow you to deal with high-call volumes with its advanced features.

Ooma was founded in 2004 by Andrew Frame. Ooma Office launched in 2013 and in 2016 – its mobile version was launched.

What popular features do you get with Ooma Office?

  • Unlimited domestic calling
  • Free number porting
  • Virtual fax
  • Conference line

  • Ooma Office Web Portal
  • Ring Groups
  • Music On Hold
  • Transfer music

  • Private Voice Mail
  • Call Forwarding

Customer Support is available at Ooma Office

You can speak to one of the Customer Service Representatives at Ooma 24/7 for Business Services, Broadsmart and Ooma Enterprise. For Ooma Residential Services, you can reach Ooma during their office hours – weekdays and weekends. Live chat and email are also available on their website for services and sales. It seems Ooma is active on social media, you can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Instagram.


What kind of business is Ooma Office ideal for?

Check out how Ooma’s VoIP phone systems can help your business – whatever industry you belong to.

Real Estate Companies – The flexible business phone system that Ooma provides is perfect for those who work in real estate. Because of the nature of the real estate industry, Ooma works to keep you connected to tenants and future clients, so you will never miss out on an opportunity. Ooma Office’s mobile solutions will help you stay ahead of your competition.

Nonprofit organizations – Streamlined phone systems like the one Ooma offers, assists organizations with their communication needs, so you can focus on the causes you are interested in. According to the Ooma website, Ooma Office saves nonprofits $6000 over a three-year period after changing to their phone service. Different kinds of nonprofits have different phone needs – small vs large. Ooma’s feature-rich platform meets the needs of both.

Law Firms – If you are on the lookout for business phone features for your law firm, then you cannot go past Ooma. They have a multitude of products and features – no matter how big or small your law firm is. These include; Call Flip, Call Recording, and Ooma Mobile App, amongst others.

Manufacturing Companies – Ooma Office offers free and unlimited calls to the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico, this helps manufacturers keep their costs low when they do business internationally – which is often. Extensions, Ring Groups and a Virtual Receptionist are all helpful features used by many manufacturing companies who are customers at Ooma.

Retail Stores – With retail it doesn’t really matter what you are selling if your communications with your customers is dismal – you are going to lose business. With an Ooma phone system, you can manage your customers and multiple stores from the office or on the go.

Restaurants – Running a restaurant isn’t easy (but it can be) with a great Ooma business phone system. From scheduling reservations to taking orders to dealing with suppliers. Ooma’s scalable business phone system will improve your customer service overall.

Tech Companies – Ooma Office helps technology companies stay on the ball with wirefree products, DIY setup, as well as the Ooma Office Mobile App.

Construction Companies – There is a lot involved in working in construction because you have to deal with a stack of things simultaneously each day. For example; managing employees on various building sites, contacting suppliers and meeting with clients. Ooma Office assists construction companies with streamlining business calls and cutting expenses.

Auto Shops – Cars are pretty important in most people’s lives. They transport us to work, to social activities and help us to run errands. If you own an Auto Shop, you want to keep customers coming back to your business for their car maintenance and repair needs. Ooma Office can provide auto shops with a phone system that will make their business flourish.

Hospitality Services – Ooma helps hotels (of all sizes) communicate smoothly with staff and guests. Guest books and check out suddenly work more efficiently for hotels who choose to collaborate with Ooma. Ooma’s mobile app enables staff to provide an exemplary service to customers by using the app to revise room settings including; minibar charges, wake-up calls, room status and do not disturb, amongst others.

Startups – Anybody who has ever had the experience of launching their own Startup realize it can be demanding at times. Ooma offers Startups a phone system that is affordable, flexible and mobile. The Ooma Office phone system gives you mobile access, wireless options, an easy DIY setup and a virtual receptionist, (we all need one of those).

Churches – Let us pray. Regardless of whether you’re a church that serves a large congregation or a small one. Church leaders need a good phone system, so they can focus on their congregation and community.

Advertising Agencies – Ooma’s tools; such as their multi-level virtual receptionist, office mobile app and conference bridge are essential phone features for those who work in the advertising industry.

Pros and Cons

  • Feature-rich
  • Easy to use
  • No fixed contracts
  • Great customer support

  • Limited integrations
  • Costs money to activate

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How much does Ooma Office cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

Ooma Office offers 3 service plans and each contains over 50 features depending on your business needs.

  • Ooma Office Essentials – $19.95/per-user/per-month
  • Ooma Office Pro – $24.95/per-user/per-month
  • Ooma Office – $29.95/per-user/per-month

Final thoughts...

Ooma Office is an incredibly inexpensive voice over internet protocol system that is simple to use. Ooma office seems to be a favorite amongst small and medium sized businesses because of its lack of contract and array of features. If you own a small business and require a business solution, perhaps you should try Ooma’s 30-day money back guarantee, (available for Ooma Office and Ooma Office For Mobile).