What is Phone by Web.com?

Technological development has brought about several exciting innovations, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of such innovative technologies. It offers a new way of making calls that has eliminated the previously complicated and costly method of making calls. Through VoIP, it is now possible to place as many calls as you desire to any location using the internet. All you need to do is find a trusted VoIP service provider like Phone by Web.com and subscribe to a plan.

Phone by Web.com is a VoIP service created by a partnership between Web.com and Phone.com to provide seamless, cost-effective phone services to small and medium business professionals. This app is available on mobile phones and desktops and does everything a conventional phone network provider does and more. Phone by Web.com allows you to use the same device for personal and business purposes, as its flat subscription fee let’s you use two numbers. If you still want to maintain your old number, you have the option to port, meaning you can keep that number and get a new one for your business. It usually takes 3-10 working days.

Through Phone by Web.com, you can use the business number you’ve acquired to make unlimited calls, send texts, and access voicemails and transcriptions. This service’s default settings require you to use your cellular minutes because it is usually inexhaustible and more stable than data. However, if you would like to opt for the data/WiFi option (VoIP), you can change the settings from “Call mode” to “VoIP mode.” Switching to a VoIP phone is especially perfect when you are on the go and would like to avoid incurring roaming costs because the unlimited calls and texts only apply domestically.

As opposed to on-premises systems where you will need to get equipment to work with, hosted systems such as VoIP only need your phone to work . So, another of the service’s perks is that it is easy to set up, especially in comparison to services where you’ll have to integrate a PBX system. Essentially, there is no need to get extra hardware or go any through complicated configuration process. You don’t have to do too much to get it up and running because it was constructed to work on existing devices. Once you download the app, you can start making calls within three minutes.

If you have an existing number that you want to keep using, the Phone.com team makes porting your old number from a different cellular provider a seamless process. You also get to have your business number that you can customize to match your business name (vanity number). You can also get a toll-free number for your business if you want one, but at an additional cost, all you need to do is acquire a local number and contact their support team.

Phone by Web.com

What popular features do you get with Phone by Web.com?

Here are the popular features of Phone by Web.com

  • Inexhaustible calls and text messages
  • Customized/vanity numbers
  • Voicemails with transcriptions
  • Porting old numbers

  • Mobile apps and desktop apps
  • Phone tree for inbound calls
  • Availability of two virtual phone numbers
  • Roaming charges when used abroad

  • Data/WiFi calls
  • Self-sufficient service

Customer Support is available at Phone by Web.com

With its headquarters in Florida, Phone by Web.com has a team of phone specialists who can provide answers on things you are unclear about. Phone by Web.com has several ways you can contact them for support. Their website has a page with a FAQs section, a chat feature with which you can chat with a representative, a toll-free line (1-800) with which you can reach their call centre, and an email address (phone@web.com).


What kind of business is Phone by Web.com ideal for?

Because of its simple setup and features, Phone by Web.com is more suited for the remote workforce, and small and medium-sized businesses. It is a cost-effective small businesses VoIP that help small and medium-sized businesses handle all their business needs because its subscription price is affordable for every member of the team. Phone by Web.com is fully HIPAA compliant. Not all VoIP companies can offer this so this may be a great fit for new businesses in the medical industry.

Pros and Cons

  • With Phone by Web.com, you get your money’s worth. There is a flat monthly fee that gives you access to unlimited calls and texts.
  • From setting up your account to the voicemail transcription service, you will discover that it is an easy to navigate and set up business phone system.
  • You can use Phone by Web.com any time and from any location; all you have to do is switch to VoIP to avoid incurring roaming fees.
  • Calls aren’t static, and there’s little to no distortion.

  • Its scalability is lacking because it doesn’t integrate other systems like the PBX (private branch exchange.)
  • You can only send MMS texts if you use a local number; still, no toll-free numbers support MMS.

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How much does Phone by Web.com cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

The price of getting two virtual numbers using Phone by Web.com is $14.99, excluding taxes payable in your region. This covers you for unlimited calls and texts inside the USA. With that, you can access all its features, and the fees and taxes will be shown to you before you checkout.

You can send faxes directly from the App using the same business caller ID as your main number. If you have an existing phone number with another provider you can port that number to Web.com. They will help you with this process, and usually takes between 3 and 10 days.

Final thoughts...

VoIP phone and call centre VoIP services are becoming more and more popular each day, and Phone by Web.com is a suitable one for small to medium-scale businesses. While Phone by Web.com may not have extravagant features, it is up to the task of helping run your small business smoothly. It gives you access to unlimited calls, text messages, business greetings, customized numbers, voicemails, and many more services at a cost-effective rate.

Records show that businesses that adopt the VoIP system are able to cut down phone costs by about 40%. Therefore, you can also save that money you spend on regular phone lines and use it to fund other aspects of your business? If you still have further questions or need clarity on VoIP services, visit the Phone by Web.com site to get answers!