What is Voxdirect?

Voxdirect is a B2B communications platform that provides a complete cloud-based unified phone system to small businesses. The system provides business VOIP that allows toll-free numbers, a virtual assistant, dedicated business numbers, and text messaging and marketing options. Such business phone systems normally cost an organization thousands to implement. Yet, Voxdirect is available at a low monthly charge and is aimed squarely at solopreneurs, micro-businesses, and small to medium-sized establishments.

The parent company, Voxox, was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in San Diego. Eight months before the global pandemic, Voxox launched the Voxdirect product with a vision to empower small business owners with advanced and comprehensive communication tools. The company grew rapidly throughout the ensuing lockdown as businesses sought alternatives to their old office-based communication systems. With the pandemic diminishing, hybrid working or working from home has become common, and businesses are seeking cloud-based communication tools allowing them to work remotely, rapidly growing Voxdirects customer base.

The base communications package provides voice and messaging services that allow you to keep your existing number or choose a new virtual phone number. Two extensions are provided, along with two virtual assistants. There are no limits applied to the numbers of calls, one-to-one texting, or subscribers that you utilize. As your business expands, higher-tier plans increase the available numbers, assistants, and extensions while adding functionality through options such as bulk-texting, call recording, and a custom professional greeting. Once your business outgrows Voxdirect and requires larger voice or bulk SMS plans, you can transfer to the features offered by the parent company Voxox, with enterprise plans, global phone numbers, and scalable solutions. Nice to know they’ve got your back, no matter your size!

There are some nice features included in the offered services. Call screening ensures you speak to customers, not spammers or marketers. When mobile reception fails, your mobility is enhanced with VOIP/wifi calling, and all your voicemails are converted to text, allowing you to read them on your desktop or mobile. Advanced options such as call forwarding and conference calls are also standard services.

What popular features do you get with Voxdirect?

  • Call forwarding to any phone
  • Call recording: email and text
  • Call transfer to other extensions
  • Extensions available for colleagues

  • Five number conference calls
  • Incoming faxes convert to email
  • Multiple virtual receptionists
  • Toll-free number availability

  • Unlimited 1-to1 texting
  • Voicemail and transcription as standard
  • Wifi calling when no reception
  • Zapier integration capabilities

Customer Support is available at Voxdirect

The Voxdirect contact center is available using a toll-free number, email, or a chat widget from Monday to Friday between 5 am and 6 pm PST. If using email, responses are prioritized based on the severity of the issue. Voxdirect claims a standard response time of 12 business hours, with low-priority issues taking up to 24 hours, high-priority up to 5 hours, and urgent cases answered in 2 hours. If you require only information or some lightweight troubleshooting, the contact page on the Voxdirect website offers a range of self-help articles arranged by topic.


What kind of business is Voxdirect ideal for?

The Voxdirect services will appeal to a wide range of growing businesses. Early startups, single-person operations, virtual or multiple businesses, and small to medium-sized brick-and-mortar stores will all find value in Voxdirect. The Voxdirect platform offers good solutions if your business needs mobility or professionalism, the need to connect a remote workforce, the appearance of size, or the need to combine voice and text communications. An additional benefit is the scalability of the services as your business grows, offering a pathway to enterprise solutions and global connectivity when the time is right.

Pros and Cons

  • Operated from a single app on a mobile or web UI on a desktop
  • The integrated platform incorporates voice, text, and text marketing
  • Toll-free numbers are available
  • You can port existing business numbers
  • You can use unlimited virtual assistants
  • Receives faxes, converts them, and sends them by email
  • Unlimited call and 1-to-1 texts
  • No special hardware required – use your personal phone
  • Reroute phone calls
  • Conference calling
  • Multiple extensions supported
  • Voicemail transcription to email

  • Customer service is not 24/7
  • Customer service response can be slow
  • Desktop use requires a web page interface rather than an app.

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How much does Voxdirect cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

You can begin your association with Voxdirect through a 30-day free trial, which you can cancel anytime. When you choose to subscribe to Voxdirect, you have a choice of three plans, Essential, Standard, and Professional.

Features that are included in all three plans are:

  • Unlimited calling and 1-on-1 texting
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Call transfer
  • Three-way calling
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Bulk text scheduling
  • Call transfer
  • A conference call number
  • Virtual receptionists

The Essential plan costs $39 a month and includes 500 text marketing credits, one phone number, two extensions, and two virtual receptionists.

The Standard plan costs $89 a month, for which you receive 1,000 text marketing credits, two phone numbers, five extensions, and two virtual receptionists. You also gain call recording and business hours management.

The Professional plan costs $139 a month, with 2,000 text marketing credits, three phone numbers, unlimited extensions, and unlimited virtual assistants. In addition to call recording and business hours management, you also receive a customized professional greeting for incoming calls.

Final thoughts...

Voxdirect offers a nicely packaged suite of services that allows an integrated response to small business communication needs. Working from home and hybrid working has become the norm, and Voxdirect offers the ability to be a digital nomad while separating your personal and professional calls. The virtual assistants, conference calling, front-end menus, and multiple extensions provide professionalism to your business and make you appear large and sophisticated to clients.

With marketing an essential part of any business’s growth, the monthly text marketing credits offer ample scope for bulk-text outreach, and the easy scalability of the communication features will support you as you grow your business. Voxdirect has a nice business model, great services, and reasonable pricing plans. Whether you’re just starting out on your own, running multiple businesses, or a small business looking to consolidate your communications under one roof, we feel Voxdirect is worth considering!