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How To Choose a Point of Sale (POS) System With Zenchef Integration That Will Work For You

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Fine dining restaurants and food trucks alike all have one thing in common. They need a restaurant management system that can streamline operations and optimise the guest experience.

Find the best POS systems that connect with Zenchef

Zenchef is a complete restaurant management solution that can save you time and money, all while ensuring your customers remain the top priority. Through POS integration, Zenchef manages reservations, menus, payments, and more to make running your restaurant easier than ever.

This article explains why you should consider a Zenchef-integrated POS system and breaks down some of the key factors to keep in mind before purchasing. Read on for a comprehensive guide to Zenchef-integrated POS systems.

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Why Connect Your POS System With Zenchef’s Restaurant Management Software?

Zenchef is a cloud-based POS system software that can streamline operations and allow you to run a better restaurant. Offering tools for before, during, and after each service, this all-in-one POS software is a must-have for restaurant owners.

The primary feature of Zenchef is its online reservation system, which allows you to take online orders 24/7, even when your restaurant is closed. However, Zenchef's restaurant software boasts many other impressive functionalities:

  • Personalised, user-friendly dashboard
  • Online reservations diary and seating plan
  • QR Code payment processing
  • Customer data profiles
  • Menu management software
  • Website design tools

4 Key Benefits of Zenchef-integrated POS Systems

Zenchef’s integrations offer your business all the tools to thrive within the restaurant industry. Here are the key features of point-of-sale systems that integrate with this innovative restaurant management software.


1. Reservation Management

With Zenchef’s POS integration, you can send automated alerts to customers to update them on their booking and reduce the risk of no-shows. Transfer new bookings to an online reservations diary and get ahead of inventory and employee management.

Zenchef stays on top of your reservations and allows you to optimise every service. Easily edit seating plans as new reservations come in to ensure your customers are seated quickly and comfortably. Simplify the reservation process for customers and employees with Zenchef.


2. Payment Processing

Integrate Zenchef into your POS system to sync all your transactions onto one unified platform. QR code scanning enables businesses to facilitate mobile ordering and contactless payments.

Faster table turnovers can increase revenue and allow employees to spend less time on payment processing, and more time connecting with guests. Quick service restaurants, which enable online ordering, are becoming increasingly popular, so stay ahead of the curb with Zenchef.


3. Customer Experience

To maximise guest experience, integrate Zenchef with your POS system and take advantage of its CRM software. Delight customers by collating key information about their dietary preferences and habits and tailoring their dining experience accordingly.

Share loyalty programs with customers via email or SMS to provide incentives for customers to return. You can also share satisfaction questionnaires to boost your business’ online reputation and generate productive conversation.


4. Menu Management

Manage your menu in real-time depending on the season, events, or services. Zenchef’s intelligent menu management offers a flexible system, enabling you to edit your menu to meet your business needs.

Sync up your menu and inventory management to avoid disappointing customers with out-of-stock dishes. Modify dishes down to the ingredient to maximise profitability using Zenchef’s simple interface on any POS-connected device.

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Which POS System That Integrates With Zenchef Is Best For Your Business?

Zenchef integrates with several point-of-sale systems, many of which are specifically marketed toward the restaurant industry. Consider what your business requires from a new POS system to find one that suits you best.

Keep in mind the following factors during the decision-making process:

  • Cost. Before searching for the best POS system for your business, establish a clear budget to narrow down your options by price.
  • Software. Hospitality operators should consider what other software their business might require. Your new restaurant POS system might need to be compatible with inventory management or delivery management software, for example.
  • Growth. Restaurant owners need to find a point-of-sale system that is scalable. If expanding to multiple restaurants is a possibility in the future, look for a powerful, cloud-based POS system.

To find a POS system that can integrate with a restaurant management system like Zenchef, contact a POS consultant. They can advise you on finding the perfect point-of-sale solution for your hospitality business.

We’re here to help you take the next steps in upgrading your POS software. Simply answer a few short questions about your business here, and our consultants will get back to you with a range of free, personalised quotes for Zenchef’s-integrated POS software.

Frequently Asked Questions
When searching for a new POS system that caters to all your business needs, there’s a lot to consider. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about buying a POS system with Zenchef integration below.

Can I Integrate Zenchef With My POS System?

Zenchef integrates with several POS systems. Some of these are more relevant to the restaurant industry because of their specific functionalities. Go to Zenchef’s website for a full list of all the POS systems that they partner with. Alternatively, contact your POS provider directly via telephone or email.

What Are The Benefits Of POS Systems That Integrate With Zenchef?

Integrating Zenchef with your POS system will simplify the reservation, ordering, and payment process for you and your customers. Its various features are centralised in a single management tool to save restaurant owners time and money. Manage your reservations, payment processing, customer data, menu and website all in one place with a single powerful platform.

Which Zenchef-integrated POS System Is Best For My Business?

There are many important factors to consider when searching for a new Zenchef-integrated POS system. Because the subscription costs of POS systems can vary dramatically, setting a budget is the first step before beginning your search. It’s also important to check the software compatibility of POS systems and to consider if they can support business expansion.

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