What is Asana?

Asana is a work management software offering project and task management, collaboration, and productivity capabilities for medium to large teams. The cloud-based platform offers a robust free plan for small teams and its premium features to help team members re-visualize and optimize project workflows.

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and engineer Justin Rosenstein founded Asana in San Francisco, California in 2008. Within the next decade, the project management platform has become a public company worth over $5 billion and serves over 126,000 paying customers.

The Asana platform includes features for general as well as niche project management teams to work in real-time on project tasks. Since Covid, many organizations are increasingly adopting hybrid work structures and environments and Asana also able top support and preserve communication between remote team members and integrate data from third-party apps whilst automating processes.

You can operate Asana through an internet browser but the company also offers a mobile app to give users access on the go. Project team members share a collaborative workspace to access project information. Tasks represent distinct pieces of work, and appear in Asana as digital cards, containing details about to-do’s, approvals, milestones, or other project information.

All project data is stored in the cloud, so regardless of what device you use or who changes any part of the project, you’ll see the latest version in real time, making it an effective project tracker.

Asana easily outclasses other software in market for ease of use, simplicity, and Kanban-style user interface. It is full of features and helpful tools, yet is very easy to set up and onboard your team.

What popular features do you get with Asana?

  • Gantt chart and Kanban board
  • Task prioritization
  • Third party integrations

  • Variety of project visual options
  • Supports agile project management
  • Flexible and adaptable

  • Organizing projects into tasks and sub-tasks
  • Time saving work process automation
  • Mobile app

Customer Support is available at Asana

Asana has great online help and support. The Asana Academy platform provides video tutorials and webinars, as well as various use case examples and a developer’s guide. You may also post your questions on its community forum. Call support is limited and your best bet is to call a sales representative and ask to be connected to a customer service representative.


What kind of business is Asana ideal for?

Asana is suited to teams that like to organize their work into to-do lists and break them down into small, digestible tasks that can be assigned to multiple people. Asana also provides more customizable options when it comes to organizing large and complex projects. It is a good option for medium to large teams that handle multiple complex projects.

You can use it for just about anything, from deadline-driven launch plans to ongoing processes like managing an editorial calendar or tracking information like incoming payments.

The interface is one of the top reasons that Asana does so well and that’s because it has a great looking and very simple to user interface. It’s really easy for anyone to figure out how the system works and how to access the different parts that you might need.

Pros and Cons

  • Feature-rich free plan
  • Multiple project visual options
  • Easy process automation
  • Helpful collaboration tools
  • Supports agile working style
  • Third party integrations

  • Limited mobile app features
  • Unable to assign tasks to multiple users
  • if you’re not on the premium subscription.

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How much does Asana cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

The free Basic plan supports teams of up to 15 users with a limit of 1,000 tasks per team.

Asana Premium is for teams larger than 15 users and starts at $10.99 per user per month. The main attractive features is the timeline view which helps you keep project on track.

Asana Business is designed for organizations that want advanced features with their project management solution and starts at $24.99 per user per month. The package is the better option for mid-size teams and organizations as it also allows you to set strategic goals at a company level.

Asana Enterprise is the top-of-the-line plan designed for larger organizations and scalable project management. You’ll have access to complete work management tools like configurable member settings, advanced admin controls, SAML authentication, increased data control, enterprise-grade security, privacy controls, and data governance. You will need to contact sales for custom pricing.

Final thoughts...

Asana is a popular cloud-based project management software in market. It has a lot more features than others do, with only a handful of issues effecting the overall ease of use. Asana’s features service many project management needs, but for what it is missing can be easily resolved as it offers a number of seamless third party integrations to extend it’ functionality, including Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook, and Salesforce.

Asana makes project management a breeze, however it could be overwhelming for some users. Visit their site to see if this platform suits your team.