What is Linga rOS?

Linga rOS is an amazing company that provides businesses with cloud-based technologies with the aim of boosting services and profit. Linga offers an advanced point of sale software system which is compatible with every currency. Linga was founded back in 2004 by computer scientist, Onur Haytac and was specifically created for the hospitality industry.

Linga Restaurant POS really is a magnificent all–in-one solution to managing your restaurant and streamlining your operations. Product features that are included in the Linga Restaurant point of sale system are; Delivery Management, Inventory Management, Online Ordering, Reporting and Analytics, Tips Management, Split Checks, Table Management and more.

Linga POS integrates with a long list of services and apps to help restaurants and retail stores connect to new customers. Linga POS integrates with: It’s a checkmate, Restaurant 365, Quickbooks, Shogo, Mailchimp – as well as others. Linga rOS works with Saas, iPad and iPhone.

In 2022, Linga rOS is still going strong and providing operating systems to foodservice businesses around the world.

What popular features do you get with Linga rOS?

  • Linga’s Register
  • Inventory Management
  • Pizza by the slice
  • Customer-facing Interface
  • Menu Modifiers

  • Offline option
  • Back-office Dashboard
  • Loyalty Program
  • World currency compatibility
  • Delivery Dispatch

  • Driver Tracking Tool
  • Online Ordering
  • Happy Hour Discounts
  • Virtual call answering tool
  • Online Ordering

Customer Support is available at Linga rOS

Customer service at Linga is accessible by phone, email and live chat. The dedicated team are constantly available to give customers the support they need. With experts in restaurant technology, integration assistance and software implementation, users can always feel supported and connected 24/7. Linga’s support center contains a knowledge base where support documents, training videos and access guides can be perused. Linga customers can also educate themselves via new features, guided demos and webinars. Reading the Linga Blog is also a good way to keep up with Linga’s products, features, promotions and marketing campaigns. Linga also has a YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter handle.


What kind of business is Linga rOS ideal for?

Linga markets itself as a restaurant operating system (rOS) rather than a Point of Sale provider. It states on its official website that it works with businesses large and small. Linga rOS empowers full service restaurants to streamline operations and grow their business into a “multi-location success”. Other business concepts that Linga rOS are suitable for are; pizzerias, bubble tea shops, cigar lounges, coffee shops, franchises as well as quick service. Below are just some of the ways Linga can help these types of businesses.

Cigar Lounges – Are you the owner of a Cigar Lounge? Because the Linga Cloud-based Management System is going to assist your shop immensely. With features such as the Inventory Management and Tracking System, Loyalty Program and Customer Display System – your Cigar Lounge will surely flourish.

Bubble Tea – The Bubble Tea rOS system is an all-in-one Smart Point of Sale System, specifically created to grow your Bubble Tea business. The Bubble Tea market is growing exponentially around the world and with the management tools from Linga – your Bubble Tea Shop will stay on top.

Pizzerias – Linga POS offers Pizzerias every feature and tool they could ever dream of. For instance – slice by slice customization, built-in online ordering, not to mention delivery dispatch. Linga supplies the most reasonably priced iPad Pizza point of sale system where all the tools you need are built in.

Coffee Shops
Want to increase your coffee shop sales, track your customer’s favorite products and reward them through the Linga Loyalty Program? You can do just that with the incredible cloud-based point of sale solution for coffee shops.

Every coffee shop owner wants to please their clientele and keep them coming back. With customizable labels, recipe management plus cost analysis and customer preference supporting – happy, supportive customers are always possible.

Franchises – Cloud-based rOS software by Linga is the perfect management system for multi-location franchise businesses. Built into the point of sale system are important features such as; consolidated reporting, payment security and global support. Business owners are able to expand their customer base by allowing them to order online. Franchises can also be managed internationally from one central location.

Full Service Restaurants – If you wish to power up your full service restaurant, then Linga’s cloud-based point of sale system can help you do exactly that. Run your full service restaurant from anywhere whilst boosting profits and streamlining operations. With features such as a menu manager, restaurant floor planner and easy payments (such as tip settings and paperless checkout). Running your full service restaurant will never be easier.

Quick Service Restaurants – Quick Service is all about delivering a great customer experience with efficiency and speed. Quick Service Restaurant POS gives business owners useful reporting tools, fast-service features and reliable technical support.

Pros and Cons

  • Advanced features
  • Suitable for all sized businesses
  • Range of pricing options
  • Advanced Inventory

  • Monthly add-ons and features could possibly become pricey
  • Likely to become costly

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How much does Linga rOS cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

Linga rOS uses Clover Go hardware which is essentially a portable POS system that takes all payment types. The app and reasonably priced credit card reader powers your business with complete POS from anywhere that you have an internet connection. The Clover hardware pricing looks something like this:

  • Basic Annually – $19.99/month (comes with 14-day free trial)
  • Pro Annually – $14.99/month (comes with 14-day free trial)
  • Enterprise Annually – $89.99/month (comes with 14-day free trial)
  • Basic Monthly – $39.99/month (comes with 14-day free trial)
  • Pro Monthly – $69.99/month (comes with 14-day free trial)
  • Enterprise Monthly – $109.99/month (comes with 14-day free trial)
  • Linga Pay-as-you-go plan (includes hardware financing – no upfront cost)

Linga also offers a variety of add-ons which range from $9.99 to $59.99/month.

Final thoughts...

Linga is accessible to use from any device and has Android, iOS, kiosks, tablets and more. Linga’s Point of Sale has numerous features, especially with the Pro and Enterprise subscriptions. Linga integrates with 30+ apps and receives many positive customer reviews from around the globe – raving about its multitude of features and five-star customer service. Give the 14-day free trial a go and see if Linga rOS is the POS provider for you.